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Whether you’re new to barre or a seasoned “shaker” one class with theLONDONmethod will change the way you think about the practice. That’s because we follow in the footsteps (literally) of the original barre queens, Lotte Berk and her daughter, Esther Fairfax. For more than 50 years, these kickass ladies have been teaching one-of-a-kind, tried-and-true exercises with “OMG-level” results.
the TILT
Also known as the pelvic tilt, using your abdominal muscles, draw your belly button towards your spine & use them to curl your tailbone forward (your low back will press firmly into the floor). “You MUST completely understand the funtion of the exercises in order for them to be effective.” -Lotte Berk
When extending your leg either in front of you (or behind the body) it is important to fully extend your leg in order to begin to change the shape of the thigh muscle. “The stretch is so important, otherwise YOU don’t shape.” -Lotte Berk
This is a spinal rotation move that comes from your waist when doing abdominal work. The abdominal muscles rotate (or twist) from right to left in a cylinder like motion. “If you work hard enough, YOU will become your own corset” -Lotte Berk
Introducing: the ORIGINAL Lotte Berk Class NOW available in your own home!
At TLM, our method is different. We work the body as a whole. So, while one side of your body is stretching, stabilizing, and holding a position, the other side is busy doing tiny movements to lift, lengthen and tone. This unique method allows you to quickly achieve that “lean” ballerina look we all looooove. Bonus: Every move & video is approved by Lotte's daughter, Esther Fairfax, a barre #boss herself! ``Nothing comes easy in life, but with a little effort, YOU can have a beautiful body!`` - Lotte Berk

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